Wassa-Asikuma-Akropong Toyota Corolla And Bauxite Car Accident


Wassa-Asikuma-Akropong Toyota Corolla And Bauxite Car Accident, One person has been confirmed dead with two others injured and in critical condition following a vehicular accident at the outskirts of Wassa Asikuma to Wassa Akropong on Thursday evening.

A sedan Toyota Corolla vehicle crashed into a heavy duty haulage truck.

The accident happened around 5pm along the Wassa-Asikuma-Akropong highway.

An eyewitness told “SHYBLOGAFRICA” that the Toyota Corolla with registration number WT 616-21 was overtaking another vehicle in front of it and suddenly came face to face with the bauxite haulage truck with registration number GN 4940-22.

The eyewitness said it was difficult for the driver in charge of the Corolla to act resulting in the fatal incident.

Personnel from the police Motor Traffic Department later cleared the road for the resultant traffic congestion to ease up.