Video: Ghanaian teacher from western region,Prestea, attacked for allegedly being gay


A teacher in Prestea in the Western Region has been reportedly assaulted by a group of individuals who claimed he was engaged in a same-sex relationship.

The alleged attack took place in a town known as Blue Town and it has sent shocks to the community members.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the teacher whose name was not given, had gone to have sex with another man for which reason he was allegedly attacked and beaten by the group.

“This is Odeefour TV, Every day we get to hear something different. This is a blue town in Pretea, the man you see here behaves like a woman and has gone to have sex with another man” he narrated.

The teacher can be seen in a tattered cloth and dirt all over with blood oozing behind his ears.

He could he heard pleading with the mob that he was not gay but rather a teacher in a nearby school named Sankofa International School.

As he tried to engage the crowd, the attackers confronted him and subjected him to verbal abuse. Ghana, like many other countries, grapples with the complex issue of LGBTQ rights.

Presently, there is a private bill in parliament that seeks to criminalise the activities of the LGBTQ in Ghana.

The Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill otherwise known as Anti- the LGBTQ Bill, when passed will prescribe stringent punishment for persons who are caught engaged in or promoting activities of LGBTQ in the country.