UMaT SRC President H.E Isaac Aryeetey Commissions the SRC Delivery Service at SRID-Essikado


The commissioning of the delivery service on campus offers numerous reasons and holds significant importance for the entire campus community. One of the primary reasons for having such a service is the unparalleled convenience it provides to students, faculty, and staff. With the delivery service, individuals no longer need to endure long queues or spend valuable time running errands around campus. They can simply place their orders and have essential items conveniently delivered right to their doorstep or study space, saving them time and effort that can be better utilized for academic pursuits or personal activities- SRC President H.E Isaac Aryeetey.

In attendance to witness history and commission the project was the Dean and Vice Dean of the school of railway and infrastructure development (SRID ) – Essikado.

The Dean, Professor Yakubu Issaka expressed his happiness and profound gratitude to the SRC and acknowledged the importance of the delivery service system on campus and in his own words stated “Any move that goes to support students to ensure their studies are carried out without hindrance, is something I will have to support with all my strength and heart”
Professor Yakubu went forward to establish the fact there is no food or shops around campus, this puts students at the risk to walk long journey, sometimes late at night in search of food, and other student necessities.

He therefore applaud the initiative and congratulated the Aryeetey-Kwaning led administration for their relentless, resilience, commitment and dedication to the job.

Dean of the school of railway and infrastructure development (SRID ) - Essikado.
Professor Yakubu Issaka Dean of the school of railway and infrastructure development (SRID ) – Essikado.

The Vice Dean, Dr Joseph Aquah also advised all upcoming leaders to follow the example of the Aryeetey-Kwaning led administration, so to do more exploit in their time of leadership.

He encouraged students to patronize the service and also advocated on behalf of the students to make the service charge as low as possible.

He charged the SRC President, His Excellency Isaac Aryeetey to advocate one more on bring commercial cars to campus to aid facilitate student activities and errands.

The vice Dean, Joseph Acquah
vice Dean, Joseph Acquah

His Excellency the SRC President, Isaac Aryeetey addressed the student populace on the fulfillment of project two of the UMaT Dream policy- the campus delivery service. He also accepted the challenge to advocate for commercial cars on campus- this led to the cheer-on by students.

The SRC President Isaac Aryeetey said “at the heart of this initiative is my administrations vision to provide a seamless and efficient delivery service that caters to all your needs right on campus. We want to bridge the gap between convenience and accessibility, ensuring that you have more time to focus on your studies and personal growth.”

The service is a comprehensive delivery service on campus that offers a wide range of options, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the student community. From food delivery to campus merchandise and academic supplies, the variety of offerings allows individuals to personalize their orders based on their specific requirements.

This customization fosters a sense of ownership and engagement within the campus community, as individuals can tailor their experiences to suit their tastes and preferences.

My administration by initiating this policy demonstrates our commitment to
the holistic development and success of our students.

Let us seize this opportunity to enhance the student experience and create a thriving campus environment. I welcome you to the digital age.

The project was commissioned at exactly 4:37pm, out of the excitement the Dean volunteered to pray and brought the program to a close.