Jackline Mensah Sleeps During Live Video On TikTok And Gets 70k Views With Numerous Gifts


Jackeline Mensah, a young Ghanaian lady famously known as the TikTok goddess has taken her art to the next level.

The TikToker, while recording a live video, went to take a nap but still got tons of gifts and views @timegh2, another rising TikToker was so amazed, he made an entire video about the act.

Famous Ghanaian TikToker, Jackline Mensah, also known as the ‘TikTok goddess’ has pulled a big one on her fans by taking a nap while still live on the app.

What amazed many social media users especially, rising comedian and TikToker, TimeGh2 was the fact that she was still receiving loads of gifts while literally doing nothing.

TimeGh2 was so impressed with Jackline’s act that he decided to make his own video, admitting that the TikTok goddess has a calling on her life, as what she did is of a higher class.

Watch the video below;