Isaac Aryeetey wins UMaT SRC presidency defying all odds and sets unparalleled records, rewriting history, fortifying his enviable leadership qualities

Isaac Aryeetey wins UMaT SRC presidency defying all odds and sets unparalleled records, rewriting history,  fortifying his enviable leadership qualities

The road to greatness may appear bleak, but it leads to final glory. The journey of Mr. Aryeetey Isaac illuminates the elegance of this profound statement. What initially started as a simple desire to look out for the best interests of one’s friends and colleagues has developed into concerns for an entire institution.

After aspiring to attend Ghana’s sole engineering institution, Isaac went on to take on the role of course representative for 2023 graduating class of mineral engineering students. He held that position for two years in a row before winning the election for NUGS president, a milestone that most people could only imagine.

His tenure as the local NUGS president was impressive, as he continued to demonstrate his leadership qualities in a variety of measures, including the ability to complete development projects, denying various limitations. The construction of the Wilhem stairs and the provision of streetlights clarifies this fact. It may interest you to know that Mr. Isaac is fluent in several dialects, including Russians language.

Isaac Aryeetey was well-known throughout the institution as Boss Iyke and recognized as a people-person, compassionate leader, and public figure. Not only did his performance establish a benchmark for future student leaders, but he was also acknowledged nation-wide with two esteemed accolades which include the local NUGS president of the year and outstanding  local NUGS executive of the year.

Mr. Isaac’s clout extended beyond politics. It should be noted that he served as both the PTI and the Intelligence Officer of the university’s Army Cadet Corps.

Mr. Isaac Aryeetey‘s outstanding leadership experience as a student was capped off when he was elected SRC president in a heritage-listed statement win. Mr. Isaac created headlines by recording the highest  win percentage for a S.R.C presidential candidate ever with an overwhelming 67.96% victory, which corresponds to 1774 of the student  population as compared to the 26.04% corresponding to 921 votes amassed by his main contender, Mr. Albert Sarpong. The vote totals  speak volumes about how the student came to rely on him for surveillance , hope, and a future because of his extraordinary leadership  trajectory. Becoming the first local NUGS president to serve as the S.R.C president is another landmark accomplishment that will follow him all his days.

Attachment of election results from Election Headquarters
Attachment of election results from Election Headquarters

Indeed, Mr. Aryeetey Isaac’s story validates Zig Ziglar’s cogentpoint, “You begin to become great.”

Attachment of Elected Executives
Attachment of Elected Executives


The percentage at which I won this election is just great evidence and a demonstration of the trust you all have for me to be your voice in service. From this point forward, your struggles are my struggles, your concerns are my concerns, and your hopes are my hopes. My highest commitment is to be the voice in the highest office of the SRC so that we can achieve our shared goals together. Whether or not you voted for me in this election, I want you to know that I am dedicated to serving you.

I am deeply moved by the expression of confidence from all two campuses ( Tarkwa campus & Takoradi campus), and I thank you all for the faith you have exhibited in me to serve you,  I am immensely grateful to the friends, and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and effort to our campaign during this very long electioneering season.

Not forgetting my relentless, dedicated and enviable campaign manager ( Mr. Nicholas Erzah), my deepest gratitude to you, alongside the whole team that made this possible and with a heartfelt gratitude I am immensely thankful to you all. Lets make the “UMaT Dream” a reality.

God Bless UMaT

God Bless SRC




In a gratitude statement, Team Vigilance espouses soulful and poignant  respect and appreciation to the school community for their love, unwavering support, and dedication, which propelled their flag-bearer, Isaac Aryeetey, to an iconic electoral victory. They encouraged the student body to join them in their efforts to make  the SRC a force to reckon as far as the interests of students is concerned.

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