Ghanaian Man Who Went To Delivery Ward To Inspire Wife To Give Birth Ends Up Fainting


Kingsley Diaba Setor, a Ghanaian man who got married to his wife in 2021 accompanied her to the delivery ward in 2022.

While they were there, the gentleman who could not stand the sight of his wife in labour fainted.

According to him, the experience has made him raise the measure of respect he has for women in general.

A handsome Ghanaian man named Kingsley Diaba Setor has shared a rather hilarious story of how he ended up in a hospital bed after trying to be there for his wife during delivery.

Sharing his story in the popular Ghanaian Facebook community, Tell It All, Kingsley admitted that women deserve a lot of respect for the pain they go through during childbirth.

In his own words:
“Ladies and gentlemen, I went to escort my wife in the labor ward to motivate her for easy delivery. I couldn’t stand the scene, I ended up fainting. Respect to all women.”

Kingsely and his wife got married on October 17, 2021, a week after which he said she impregnated him with all the good things in marriage.

How Ghanaians reacted to the news

Ama Amoakoa said:
This is for those who ask women what the bring to the table… see? Childbirth n being a woman is a whole table on its own…

Caroline Oppong commented:
What do you do for a living men and what will you bring on table men nu, childbirth alone is a risk so stop asking women useless questions