Female student goes partially blind after slap by Nkwatia Presby SHS headmaster (video)


Female student goes partially blind after slap by Nkwatia Presby SHS headmaster, Calls on the Ghana Education Service to take action against the Headmaster of Academics at Nkwatia Presby Senior High School have heightened after it emerged that he allegedly slapped and assaulted a female student, leaving her partially blind.

Reports say the student had left campus with an exeat, but when she returned, the headmaster queried her but did not allow her to explain herself.

“A second-year student of the Nkwatia Presby Senior High School goes partially blind after allegedly being slapped by the Headmaster of Academics for leaving campus without an exeat.

“According to reports, the student identified as Diana, actually had permission to leave campus but the headmaster refused to listen when she tried explaining to him,” SIKAOFFICIAL wrote to caption a video and photos that captured the victim on Twitter.

Before the assault, the headmaster had subjected the student to a long period of kneeling. It was when she complained of feeling unwell that he got infuriated and inflicted the assault on her.

“He made her kneel down for a period of time and when she told him that she was unwell, his alleged response was that he’d lash her to make her feel better.

“She mistakenly held his cane when he was about to lash her and this infuriated him and prompted him to land a hefty slap on her face after which he beat her up,” SIKAOFFICIAL’s tweet added.

The development has sparked angry reactions from Ghanaians with many advocating for the arrest and prosecution of the headmaster in question, while others entreat the GES to crack the whip on him.

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