Different Profile “Black Sheriff” leaks Black Sherif KK Unreleased


Different Profile “Black Sheriff” leaks Black Sherif KK Unreleased For a period of time noe , Blacko fans have been left hungry with a thirst for a new release and are always hungry for his KK tunes which he dropped the snippet some few weeks ago .

The original digital profile of Black Black Sherif has not released anything yet but a similar profile with the name “Black Sheriff” that’s with double ‘ff’ has released a very mastered tune with Black Sherif’s vocals and signature on the song now trending on various digital stores such as audiomack. Which makes it quite alarming as to how the Copycat Profile got this song

It’s quite alarming how people get access to content of other artists with a similar incident happening few days ago.

An individual released the same tune of TRY ME by Sarkodie and the SACKCESS Team was quite quick and took down the tune by writing to the stores.

Black Sherif and his Label are expected to act fast as the Copy Cat profile has released many of Black Sherif’s songs under that profile

Black sherif
Black sherif