Blogger Eaziman Feed The Street Of Tarkwa With His Team Members (pictures )

Blogger Eaziman Feed The Street Of Tarkwa With His Team Members, Eazimandotcom Foundation “ Feed The Street“ is an annual project which seeks to feed 500 – 1000 street disables, street beggars and prisoners in Tarkwa on the 14th July, 2023.

Ebenezer Kojo Awusi also professionally known as EAZIMAN, is a Ghanaian blogger focusing on positive humanitarian and social development stories. Originally from TARKWA NSUAEM, he started out as a lifestyle and entertainment blogger.

The issue of streetism is very pathetic, to say the least. The ugly truth of our fellow Ghanaian natives who sleep on our streets, in front of shops, in front of our homes and some even in disgusting places in our environment cannot go unnoticed. Problems of rural-urban migration and poverty spearhead the causes of streetism in Ghana today.

No one ever wishes to be seen on the streets, hustling under the scorching sun with all the risks involved, not knowing what the outcome of the day would be.

No one will deliberately decide to sleep on the streets with all the dangers involved unless there is little or no option.

And as inhumane as people could be, we still believe no one would deliberately push anyone on the streets to fend for themselves when there is a means of survival.

Most often when you listen to the people who find themselves in such situations, the story is simple, they have to find a means of survival if they want an honest hustle.

Eaziman and his team believe given foods and stuffs, these kids, women, and men who find themselves on the streets would put a smile on their faces and making them feel wanted.

According to blogger Eaziman, he believe in making Tarkwa a better place.

The “Feed The Street“ was started from Tarkwa ‘Efuanta’ to Tarkwa main station where Eazimandotcom and his whole crew started sharing a pack of food, soft drinks and to the disables and beggars on the street of Tarkwa.

They moved from Tarkwa main station to Tarkwa prison to feed the prisoners as well.

According to Eaziman on Pure Fm, he said his main purpose is to feed the street of Tarkwa and he his team were very happy and they thank the Almighty God for a successful project.

He added that Mohammed Brothers Limited helped him to help the street of Tarkwa and some other business like 5Star barbering salon and some individuals.

Motto: Racing Against Street Hunger (Rash).

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