Amenfiman Senior High school (Great AMENSS) paid a courtesy visit to Amenfi East Municipal Member of Parliament(MP), Hon. Nicholas Amankwah and a proud Old students of AMENSS, His alma mater at the Jubilee House.

Students of the Amenfiman Senior High School (SHS) in the Western Region- wassa Akropong had visited Parliament House to learn for themselves first hand workings of the House.

Member of Parliament for Amenfi East Municipal, HON. Nicholas Amenkwah facilitated the process for the students to have the experience on how the House goes about its workings.

Teachers of Amenfiman senior high school and the MP

In view there are students offering government as a subject and express the interest to see how the legislature works and the MP willingly facilitated their coming.

This is the first time the MP had facilitated students from her constituency to visit the legislature and learn at firsthand workings of the House.

Students of amenfiman senior high school
Students of amenfiman senior high school

In a facebook post by HON. Nicholas Amenkwah;

I’m grateful for the honour done me by students, led by two teachers from my alma mater, Amemfiman Senior High School, as they paid me a courtesy visit at the Parliament House of Ghana yesterday.

I’m also grateful to the Minority leader, honorable Haruna Iddrisu, accompanied by other honourable members of the minority caucus for their warm reception and making the visit a memorable one.

Students of amenfiman senior high school
Students of amenfiman senior high school

This tour was Organized by mr. Listowel Sebore. (Government teacher at Amenfiman senior high school (Great Amenss)

Watch video below;

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